40 Snapshots of the Region Descartes Labs Calls Home

If you’ve never been to the city of Santa Fe, you still might have a loose sense of what it’s like here. You’re probably aware that Santa Fe is in the state of New Mexico (though New Mexico Magazine has fun with those who aren’t in the know). You might rightly assume there are cactuses here (but not many look like this:


It’s possible you know that we’re in the mountains too, the Rockies even (but it’s less likely you know Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the U.S., sitting a few hundred feet higher than Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi).

As interesting as these facts are, though, they fall short of a proper, friendlier, more intimate introduction to Santa Fe and its surroundings. So, we’ve compiled a handful of photos to help the cause. In them, you’ll see our stunning little capital city, the mountains that serve as our backdrop, the parks and forests that serve as our playgrounds, and the deep cultural history of our region.

Regardless of where you live in the U.S., it’s getting to be that time of summer where things slow down just enough that you might get to grab a few moments here and there to enjoy your surroundings. We hope you will take one of those moments to also enjoy a quick tour of ours. Because we love Santa Fe — and we want to share it.


Billie Jean at 12,500 feet | Leah Devine Pokrasso, Executive Chef
Sunburst after a storm, looking Southwest toward the Jemez Mountains from South Ridgetop Road | Peter Barile, Marketing
Hike near Abiquiú Lake | Laura Mazzaro, Applied Science
A tucked-away cabin off the forest service road in Tesuque, New Mexico, during a fall snowstorm | Lily Hussey, Marketing
Taos Ski Valley in October, as the aspens are turning color | Nikhil Sharma, Applied Science
An afternoon walk in Chama, New Mexico | Javier Gonzales, Product
Double rainbow after a spring hailstorm | Jamie Durfee, Recruiting
Sunset at Frank Ortiz Dog Park (which sits on an old dump) | Lily Hussey, Marketing
Badlands in Nambé | Krishna Karra, Applied Science
Summer cloudscape | Leah Devine Pokrasso, Executive Chef
The Quad Lift at Ski Santa Fe | Jamie Durfee, Recruiting
View from the top of Double Arrow Rd. toward Madrid and the Galisteo Basin at sunset | Alex Diamond, Product Marketing
Overlooking Santa Fe National Forest from Alamos Vista | Krishna Karra, Applied Science
Lake Peak via Big Tesuque with Fritz Schlereth, Head of Product | Mark Johnson, CEO
July lightning storm rolling over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains | Tim Wallace, Creative
After a characteristic New Mexico thunderstorm. Half the sky still had distant rain falling, while the other half was sunny, with this beautiful rainbow. | Laura Kurtzberg, Engineering
Bluebird day at Ski Santa Fe | Laura Mazzaro, Applied Science


Golden Hour on San Francisco Street | Leah Devine Pokrasso, Executive Chef
Our Lady of Guadalupe outside Santuario de Guadalupe — built in the 1770s, it’s the oldest standing shrine in the U.S. | Lily Hussey, Marketing
The town of Ojo Caliente is home to world-class mineral pools and the authentic New Mexican cuisine found at Mesa Vista Cafe | Annijke Wade, Product
Three views of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts | Laura Kurtzberg, Engineering and Lily Hussey, Marketing
The Hacienda at Hotel Santa Fe | Tim Wallace, Creative
Sunset under Spidey at Meow Wolf | Laura Kurtzberg, Engineering
El Santuario De Chimayo | Javier Gonzales, Product
Window scene looking out of the garden store Plants of the Southwest, at its current location since 1989 | Peter Barile, Marketing
The Guardian of Ojo Caliente at Oliver’s Store | Lily Hussey, Marketing
The owners of Paper Dosa enjoying a day off at the “beach,” aka the Santa Fe River | Leah Devine Pokrasso, Executive Chef
The Rainbow Man, just steps from the Santa Fe Plaza, features authentic art, crafts, and jewelry from Native American, Hispanic and New Mexican artists | Annijke Wade, Product
Trout Lakes | Carly Beneke, Applied Science
Santa Fe Train Station at the Railyard | Laura Kurtzberg, Engineering


Cow skulls for sale, seen down an alleyway off the plaza; A bowl of Sacred Hearts found at The Rainbow Man | Lily Hussey, Marketing
My kitchen, fruit basking in the light on a window. | Karla King, Product
Shrine at El Santuario de Chimayo | Lily Hussey, Marketing
Typical painted-door scene in the Agua Fria neighborhood of Santa Fe | Peter Barile, Marketing
Tree in bloom outside of Santarepa | Laura Kurtzberg, Engineering
The amazing bathtub at the Historic El Rey Hotel. | Karla King, Product

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