Lori Wickert and Sahiba Sachdeva on Mining Now live from PDAC 2024

Earlier this year at PDAC 2024, our Principal Remote Sensing Geologist, Lori Wickert, and VP of Business Development, Sahiba Sachdeva, sat down with Roy Slack of Mining Now. Watch the video below for an engaging discussion around the advancements in remote sensing, specifically, hyperspectral processing for mineral exploration. Lori and Sahiba share their story on how they came to be involved in remote sensing, and how Descartes Labs has developed interfaces geared towards specific problems including mineral exploration, infrastructure monitoring, and environmental solutions.

"I spent so much time doing data corrections and I wanted to actually do the mapping", Lori Wickert, on her earlier career days working with the abundance of too much data and the need for a way to better process them for specific uses.

"There was this rapidly growing number of sensors being launched to monitor the earth remotely. There just wasn't the ability to work with the data effectively, much less get value from it. There needs to be infrastructure to be able to work with the data effectively...the underlying power of [Descartes Labs] technology is the incredible multi-petabyte catalog of geospatial data that has been cleaned and calibrated and made analysis ready. Our compute infrastructure is optimized for being able to work with that data effectively and allows clients to bring in their own valuable datasets to be able to analyze them", Sahiba Sachdeva, on what drives the technology behind Descartes Labs solutions.

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