New York, NY; April 30, 2024 - Descartes Labs, a US based technology company, has won three prestigious awards at the 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards, showcasing their commitment to innovation, product development, and safety in the mining industry. The awards, powered by GlobalData's business intelligence, recognize Descartes Labs' significant contributions to driving change and setting new standards in mining technology.

In the Innovation category, Descartes Labs was recognized for its groundbreaking mineral exploration software, Marigold and its recent integration of hyperspectral processing capabilities. Marigold, leveraged by seven of the largest global mining companies, has been instrumental in reducing exploration timelines, cutting costs, and enabling data-driven decision-making, marking a significant advancement in the field. The software's high-performance computing and user-friendly interface allows geologists to swiftly evaluate vast areas, formulate exploration hypotheses, and minimize the environmental footprint of exploration activities.

The Product Launch award was conferred to Descartes Labs’ remote sensing Exploration Reports. These analysis-ready, property-scale reports streamline spectral mapping and mineral index analysis. Exploration Reports deliver exploration-ready information, allowing users to bypass the complexities of raw data and jump straight into data interpretation. The comprehensive suite of practical deliverables, such as detailed PDF reports and digital outputs in geotiff format, provide a clear visual representation of the area of interest and facilitate immediate integration into existing GIS exploration software.

Descartes Labs also received the Safety award for its innovative InSAR-based deformation monitoring system, which enhances operational safety in mining. The software leverages cutting-edge synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and interferometric SAR (InSAR) data to detect surface movements, providing analysis within 18 hours of data collection. This system has proven its worth by detecting potential failures in critical assets.

Graeme Shaw, President and COO of Descartes Labs responded to the honor by saying, "We are thrilled to receive these awards for our innovative software tailored to the mining industry. This recognition fuels our excitement to collaborate further with mining companies to advance the efficiency and safety of their operations.”.

Descartes Labs' triple award win is a testament to their leadership in advancing mining technology and their dedication to streamlining the performance and enhancing the safety of the mining industry.

About Descartes Labs

Descartes Labs, Inc., and its wholly-owned government subsidiary, Descartes Labs Government, Inc., solve the world's most complex problems through advanced science. This offers customers an accelerated ability to address operational needs by transforming the world's data into actionable and predictive insights that impact climate change, sustainability, food security, and safeguard natural resources. Methods involve converting vast global data into actionable insights at an accelerated pace. Harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and AI, empowering customers to address operational needs swiftly and effectively. 

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Tanya Cross
VP of Marketing, Descartes Labs