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Seeing Through the Clouds

Terry completed the following work as a Descartes Labs intern this summer, where he worked with...

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The Descartes Labs Platform

At Descartes Labs, we’ve been working at scale for years to solve some of the world’s hardest and...

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Vint Cerf Visits Descartes Labs

Aside from Santa Fe's unique architecture, one of the things that sets it apart from other cities...

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A Photo Love Letter to Santa Fe

If you’ve never been to the city of Santa Fe, you still might have a loose sense of what it’s like...

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2018 Summer Internship Report

Celebrating National Intern Day on July 26th with our intern team at the Violet Crown in Santa FEWe...

Synthetic Aperture Radar image of the the Port of Shanghai

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Rise of the Living Supply Chain

Supply chain is an interesting term. What is it? It is the chain of events, vendors, logistics,...

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Announcing our $30M Series B

Today, we’re excited to announce Descartes Labs $30M Series B round of financing led by March...

BlueCompass_LLC Hacker Orientation at CTRLCollective in Los Angeles

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Hacking Food Security from Space

Does widespread hunger caused by food shortages contribute to conditions that lead to regional...

Baseball diamond, wind turbine, and a house with a moat

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Searching the World Wide World

Today, we’re unveiling a technology demonstration of machine learning at global scale, which we...